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Durability verification database

By Nick Marston 1 February 2020, Build 176, Feature article

A decade ago, BRANZ scientists developed a database of building products and techniques used to verify durability performance. This valuable resource informs BRANZ’s durability assessment of new products and systems.

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Assessing structural insulated panels

By Anna Walsh 1 February 2020, Build 176, Feature article

Structural insulated panels are relatively new in New Zealand. To ensure they are suitable for local conditions, BRANZ has developed a robust test method. This gives manufacturers a way to demonstrate their durability.

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Multi-storey LTF guidance

By David Carradine 1 February 2020, Build 176, Feature article

Higher-density housing is becoming more common and necessary as our population grows. BRANZ is helping designers with guidance on the specific engineering design methods and requirements for multi-storey light timber-framed buildings.

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New age of building materials

By Dael Climo 1 February 2020, Build 176, Feature article

With a global impetus to reduce carbon emissions, scientists and manufacturers are working to develop more environmentally friendly building materials. Some are already in production, others still in the lab.

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Cutting carbon is a material issue

By Dr Dave Dowdell 1 February 2020, Build 176, Feature article

This is the first of a two-part series on the considerable impact building materials have on greenhouse gas emissions and what we can do to change this. With New Zealand moving to a zero-carbon economy by 2050, we begin with the present carbon footprint of standalone homes.

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