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Out of sight, out of mind!

By Mark Jones 1 October 2006, Build 96, Feature article

The BRANZ 2005 House Condition Survey points to many Kiwis still being overly optimistic about the state of their homes, while ignoring basic maintenance. So, despite an overall improvement in the housing stock, many of the old problems persist.

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In-home ventilation systems

By Joanna Jackson 1 December 2006, Build 97

The recent cold and wet winter has left many homeowners wondering if they should install a ventilation system to help reduce condensation and dampness in their homes. As always, it’s a matter of choosing the right system – one that is effective and efficient for your situation.

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Stopping slips and falls

By Trevor Pringle 1 October 2007, Build 102

Within New Zealand homes a slip, trip or fall injury occurs every 3 minutes. This affects around 400,000 adults and children each year – that’s more than all sports and road injuries. Using the right surface could prevent many of these.

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