Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.

building materials 117

Feature section: Building materials

Build 117 , 107

The range of building materials available continues to expand making choices increasingly complex. Even decisions on everyday products like fasteners require a good understanding of characteristics to know what will perform best in any given situation.

can you sleep

Feature section: Can you sleep at night?

Build 116

'Right first time' should be at the core of every building project. There is no substitute for quality, whether it's the design, products and workmanship or the relationship with the client.

retrofit renovation

Feature section: Retrofit and renovation

Build 116

New Zealand's ageing housing stock means that retrofits and renovations are a growth area. Renovations require a sound understanding of the existing property combined with knowledge of the latest products, techniques and requirements.

sustainability 120

Feature section: Sustainability

Build 120 , 115

Energy efficiency principles and materials are often seen as the nuts and bolts of sustainability. The bigger picture encompasses thinking smart and designing and building communities that will last well into the future.

building envelope

Feature section: Building envelope

Build 114

The building envelope has the critical function of separating the exterior and interior environments by providing a weathertight defence.


Feature section: Corrosion

Build 113

Corrosion can be defined as the destruction or deterioration of a material because of reaction with its environment. The term can refer to a process or the damage caused by the process.

product substitution

Feature section: Product substitution

Build 113

Unauthorised product substitution is common in New Zealand due to non-specific documentation, unavailability of product or even personal preferences, but the designer should be responsible for any substitutions.


Feature section: Commercial buildings

Build 145 , 135 , 125 , 112

Challenges abound for commercial buildings. High energy and water use are issues, and weathertightness has caused plenty of problems. But there are also reasons to celebrate as exciting New Zealand innovations help push timber structures higher.


Feature section: Safety

Build 112

The inherent safety of a building starts with choices made by the designer, such as the building location, materials used and design. For builders, site hazards need to be managed for the safety of people on site and passing by.

industry roles

Feature section: Industry roles

Build 153 , 111 , 102

An industry as diverse as building and construction has many players involved. Knowing who does what and how the puzzle fits together is a good place to start in understanding how the industry works.