Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.


Feature section: Safety

Build 112

The inherent safety of a building starts with choices made by the designer, such as the building location, materials used and design. For builders, site hazards need to be managed for the safety of people on site and passing by.

industry roles

Feature section: Industry roles

Build 153 , 111 , 102

An industry as diverse as building and construction has many players involved. Knowing who does what and how the puzzle fits together is a good place to start in understanding how the industry works.


Feature section: Timber

Build 111 , 82

Timber has been widely used in New Zealand buildings for many years due to its versatility, diversity and aesthetic properties. Keeping up with the changes in its use, grades and treatment is important for all practitioners.


Feature section: Steel

Build 110

While steel is used extensively in buildings as a roof cladding, steel framing has until recently been mainly limited to non-residential buildings.

weathertightness 138

Feature section: Weathertightness

Build 138 , 119 , 110 , 103

The leaky building crisis and its impacts will be with us for years to come. While there are many unanswered questions, there are important principles and basic advice designers and builders should take note of so future disasters are avoided.

cladding 2

Feature section: Claddings

Build 132 , 109 , 100 , 94

That first impression is all important and the choice of building cladding is a key component. However, claddings have a more serious role to play in keeping water out and allowing any that gets in to drain away and dry out.

innovation and future

Feature section: Innovation and the future

Build 109

With every new building project comes the opportunity to do things better, to improve what's being built and how it's being built. Innovative approaches, especially using technology, have huge potential to bring about change.

building controls

Feature section: Building controls

Build 122 , 108

Building controls are constantly evolving. A natural disaster, findings from new research or innovative new products or processes can all prompt changes to the legislative framework that controls the building industry.

buildings and health

Feature section: Buildings and health

Build 129 , 108

The built environment can be dangerous to our health. On site, workers face various hazards, while the actual fabric of our homes can negatively impact on our wellbeing. Now there's evidence of the links between good design and healthy minds and bodies.

building materials 117

Feature section: Building materials

Build 117 , 107

The range of building materials available continues to expand making choices increasingly complex. Even decisions on everyday products like fasteners require a good understanding of characteristics to know what will perform best in any given situation.