Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.


Feature section: Canterbury today

Build 172

Canterbury and particularly Christchurch look very different today with innovative low-rise buildings incorporating the latest in seismic technology, dominating the freshly arisen city.


Feature section: Exceeding the minimum

Build 172

The message is getting out. Designing homes above the minimum requirements of the Building Code makes them better to live in, often for little extra cost. Designers and builders have a role to play helping their clients understand this.


Feature section: Building information modelling

Build 171

As a major BIM conference is held in New Zealand, it is time to increase BIM’s uptake as we move into a digitally enabled future.


Feature section: Passive fire protection

Build 171

Passive fire protection is in the spotlight after questions have been raised about Building Code compliance in existing buildings. Work at various levels aims to bring changes and improve quality.


Feature section: From towns to cities

Build 170

What makes somewhere a great place to live? This question is being asked as improving New Zealand’s urban design engages the minds of researchers, architects and planners.


Feature section: Managing sites

Build 170

If building sites are too chaotic and messy, there can be increased risks for health and safety and damage to building materials. Having a plan to manage all aspects from materials storage to site access is crucial.


Feature section: Access and egress

Build 169

The rules around providing means to get in and out of buildings is complex. We look at these and changes to the fire safety and evacuation regulations.


Feature section: Comfortable indoor environments

Build 169

BRANZ is leading a programme to deliver New Zealanders warmer, drier, healthier buildings. This involves understanding aspects of a building’s performance including thermal bridging, airtightness, ventilation, heating and insulation.


Feature section: Changes ahead

Build 168

As keys are handed over to the first KiwiBuild home, government plans for a different building landscape are taking shape. With plenty of work ahead, the next big changes include a new Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.


Feature section: Safety at work

Build 168

The construction industry is known to be physically dangerous, but what is less understood are the high levels of mental health issues. With businesses now required to make health and safety a priority, we look at some of the issues and what can be done to keep workers safe and healthy.