Each Build offers in-depth insights into two topics of interest to the building and construction industry.


Feature section: Maintenance

Build 160 , 135 , 124 , 96

The BRANZ House Condition Survey regularly finds that our homes are poorly maintained. All buildings need to be maintained, and the longer this is put off the more it will eventually cost.


Feature section: Neighbourhoods

Build 160

In New Zealand, the focus has largely been on delivering individual
dwellings rather than building quality,liveable neighbourhoods. This is
shifting, however, as the amount of medium-density housing increases.


Feature section: Aiming higher

Build 159 , 147

We are falling short by building houses to only meet Building Code minimums. There are many benefits from designing and building higher-performing houses that will be healthy, comfortable homes.


Feature section: Resilience

Build 159 , 148

Significant investment in time and money is going into making our buildings and communities more resilient to seismic events and the increasing frequency of climate change-related extreme weather events.

B158 Changing

Feature section: Changing face of New Zealand

Build 158

Statistics show New Zealand society is becoming older and ethnically
more diverse, which has implications for our housing. There is a need
for more suitable housing for ageing people keen to downsize and for
those from cultures that prefer multi-generational housing.


Feature section: Schools

Build 158

There have been far-reaching changes in the layout and look of New Zealand schools, but more attention is needed to the indoor air quality. Now, with BRANZ’s Warmer, drier healthier buildings project, research teams are studying indoor air quality and monitoring ventilation.


Feature section: Design, science, build

Build 157

While there’s plenty of scope for originality in a building’s design, its construction details must follow scientifically defined principles. We explore how and why common details work.


Feature section: Licensed building practitioners

Build 157

What does the report card for the Licensed Building Practitioners Scheme say now it has been up and running for over 10 years? Yes, there is room for improvement, but it has an important role in lifting buildings standards.


Feature section: Climate change

Build 156

The changing climate will have a big impact on the built environment in terms of where we build and how we build. What can we do to mitigate the impacts and prepare for the changes?


Feature section: Healthy houses

Build 156

There’s a serious push on to deliver Kiwis warmer, drier and healthier homes. This comes as the clear link between poor physical and mental health and damp and mouldy homes has been quantified.